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Kat Graham's Bonnie did not have a wonderful Christmas, as she had to spend the holiday trapped in Kai's abandoned hell with no one to keep her company. While this experience is going to make her stronger, Bonnie will have to go through more hurdles before she escapes to the land of the living.

Having to repeat living the same day is going to affect her, and viewers got a glimpse of it in the midseason finale when she burned down the Christmas tree. And although she is going to suffer, the witch is going to devise a way to get out of loop sooner than later.

"What I can say is that Bonnie is in the process of basically being in hell," executive producer Caroline Dries told Alloy Entertainment. "Unlike being trapped on the Other Side [in Season 5], where she had access to our plane of existence and sort of participate in her friends' lives indirectly, she's stuck in a repeating loop of the same day and it's driving her insane.

"As we saw in the mid-season finale, she just couldn't take it anymore and burned a Christmas tree down. So she's going to suffer, and then ultimately accept the challenge [at hand] and become a stronger person in order to heck out of there. She's going to face some obstacles before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but she's going to come back a different Bonnie for sure."

As for the possibility of a romance between Caroline and Stefan, Dries added that love would be the last thing on the blonde vampire's mind. Caroline's immediate concern would be to help her mother, Sheriff Forbes, through these trying times.

Stefan will use this opportunity to prove to Caroline that he could be a good friend, thereby making up for all the hurt he caused her in the beginning of the season.

"The Vampire Diaries" season 6 will return to the CW on 22 January.