The Vampire Diaries
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One of the shocking moments in The Vampire Diaries Season 8 finale, which was also the series finale, was Stefan's death.

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The youngest Salvatore brother, who just got married to Caroline, sacrificed his life to prevent Katherine from destroying his beloved Mystic Falls. Stefan's death has upset a lot of fans, as he was one of the beloved characters on the vampire drama who has been sacrificing his happiness for his dear ones. But according to The Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec, Stefan's death was a necessity, despite the fact that he and Caroline were looking forward to a bright future ahead.

"Stefan was not No. 1 on the chopping block right away, because of that reason," Plec told TVLine. "We thought it was just so cruel. But when we landed on the idea of Caroline needing to leave him behind in honor of protecting her family, and then him needing to leave her behind in honor of protecting his, it felt somehow like the responsible outcome of a responsible relationship."

The final episode saw Caroline Forbes opening a school for supernatural children funded by her former love, Klaus. The duo will not interact in the upcoming season of The Originals, but Plec doesn't rule out them meeting in the future.

"Obviously our timelines did not match up, so Caroline and Klaus are not coming face to face in this season," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "That being said, we do have crossover elements in the upcoming season of The Originals that's about to start airing and it all brings it back to what I see as a future for either The Originals or another piece of the franchise to launch off of the end of The Originals. So I look forward to being able to play around in that sandbox and see if I can make something of it."