Valentine's Day 2017, importance of Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and couples around the world must be planning the perfect date to impress their better halves/partners. Over the years V-day is usually all about gifting cute gifts, candlelight dinner, flower bouquet, a box of chocolates among other clichés. But how about making your dates a little tech savvy and be innovative by thinking out of the box? 

And if your friends aren't really helping you with some cool ideas, then use the smartest intelligence in the world – Artificial Intelligence – to add a magical touch to your romantic date.

Gone are the days when our phone's camera MP and picture quality weren't too good. But thanks to the great cameras in our smartphones, these days, it's easier to capture pictures, videos, voice notes et all on phones. And now Google wants to help you make a personalized video stitching all those beautiful memories you've stored on your phone or cloud.

Google Photos
Google PhotosGoogle

Joining Valentine's Day celebrations, Google launched a new feature on Google Photos that will turn your photos into themed movies. The best part about it is that you don't need a third-party app or even any experience with Premiere Pro to create a movie starring you and your significant other.

"The themed movie creator brings together photos of a loved one or an important event, and expertly edits them together and sets it to music," Google said in a statement.

Using Google Photos to create an AI-assisted V-Day special themed movie is quite simple. Users can do it on their phones or even on the web. Just launch Google Photos app, go to the assistant tab, and tap movie to get started. The next step is to select the theme, which in this case will be Valentine's Day, and then select two people who will star in the movie.

Google Photos movie creator themes
Google Photos movie creator themesGoogle

"Google Photos uses machine learning to select the best moments based on your choices, adds a fitting soundtrack, and produces a custom movie just for you. If you want to tweak the result, you can take a seat in the director's chair and edit your movie with the movie editor in the iOS or Android app," the web search titan explained.

Fun tip: Search your gallery for "hug," "kiss," or kissing smiley to find photos that'll make you go aww.

Not a fan of Valentine's Day? Not a problem. Google Photos movie creator has various themes for you to work with. You can choose from various themes readily available to you, including "They Grow Up So Fast," "Meow Movie," "Doggie Movie," In Loving Memory," "Selfie Movie," "Smiles of 2017," "Mother's Day Movie," and "Father's Day Movie."