Google is about to bring smiles on your face to end the year on a pleasant note. Google Photos has rolled out Smiles of 2017 feature which will enable the users to relive the happy moments of the year.

According to Android Police, "With Google Photos, you can even make sure that every one of those happy moments is saved and backed up online. And now you can enjoy looking back at all those happy moments over the last year in a new 'Smiles of 2017' movie."

The "Smiles of 2017" offers memories between 40 to 60 seconds, so the video is not too long. As per Android Police, the Google Photos app generates a notification when the video is compiled on the basis of the photos which you have backed up on Google drive.

Google logo is seen on a wall at the entrance of the Google offices in Brussels on February 5, 2014. The European Commission accepted the latest proposals by US giant Google to remedy complaints it abuses its dominant position in the Internet search market, opening the way to a settlement.'I believe that the new proposal obtained from Google after long and difficult talks can now address the Commission's concerns,' AlmuniaGEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images

These video collages have been rolled out in Google Photos over the last week only. However, it hasn't made its way for all the users. These automatic creations may take some time to reach out to everyone.

Moreover, if you don't have enough photos of smiling people, you might not get this video collage. The users who want to check whether the feature is available from them or not can open the Google Photos app and tap the Assistant icon at the bottom of their screen, where they will get to know whether the feature is available or not.

Although there is still time to receive "Smiles of 2017" on our devices, it should be available soon for those who meet the upload criteria to create the video. This isn't the first time when Google Photos have taken an initiative to create a video on some special occasion. Last year also, Google Photos created short collage video as "Smiles of 2016". There were some seasonal videos with the title "Smile".