Another policeman in Uttar Pradesh created a ruckus in public in a drunken state just weeks after a similar embarrassing incident was reported in the state. 

This time, the incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh's Hapur district, where a drunk policeman was seen in his underwear creating a scene at a railway station on Sunday. 

The video showed other police officials trying to help the cop to his feet and later picking him by all four limbs into a room. 

The video footage of the drunk cop was shared by ANI news agency. Watch the video below - 

This is not the first time an incident of a policeman misbehaving after getting drunk has occurred in the national capital region (NCR), which Hapur comes under. 

Last month, a drunk Delhi Police constable crashed his car through the gates of the All India Radio office in Delhi. He was shot at by a security guard who thought it was a terror attack.

Days later, an assistant sub-inspector of the Delhi Police allegedly raped a domestic help at gunpoint while under the influence of alcohol and was arrested.

Last month, a young police officer had created a stir after he was scene creating a scene while in an inebriated state at a bus stand in Mau, Uttar Pradesh.

He was also seen hurling abuses at the media. 

Watch the video of last month's incident below: