Tarun Tahiliani has issued a strong response over allegations of alleged fat-shaming by his store. Tanaya Narendra, popularly known as Dr. Cuterus on social media, had accused the store people of fat-shaming her and putting her down. She had shared her wedding pictures and written that she was then welcomed by the store people of Anita Dongre's studio and wore one of her creations.

Tarun Tahliani, Tanaya Narendra
Tarun Tahliani, Tanaya NarendraInstagram

Taking to social media, she wrote, "Bridal stores would body shame (looking at you, Ambawatta @taruntahiliani {yeah, that was a massive shame, because I'd wanted to wear a Tarun T to my wedding since I was 12. Never going there again. [also what's with these big designers being afraid of big boobs? I cannot sing enough praises for the guys at @anitadongre, who managed to make a beautifully fitting, and genuinely lovely lehenga, all in a span of three weeks!]}) and all kinds of weird comments were thrown at me about my "double chin" and "belly showing in the lehenga haww."

Tanaya added that despite the hiccups, she radiated on her wedding day. She asserted that happy brides are the prettiest brides. "But you know what? Fuck that. Fuck all that. Look at me, how happy I am. Double chin and all. Just look at me."

Tarun Tahiliani releases official statement

And now, Tarun Tahiliani has spoken on the matter. Tarun released a statement and wrote that he chose to speak only after finding out the exact events of the date. He added that from gay weddings, marriage with different ethnicities, genders; they have always served their patrons gladly. He added that ever since the pandemic, they have stopped keeping a size 16 due to limited stock. He added that any couture piece can't even be replicated in a span of three weeks like the person wanted.

Tarun added that his staff clearly told the patron that it wouldn't be possible for them to make it, instead of misleading them and this shouldn't be construed as fat shaming. He, however, added that if that has made the customer felt not being acknowledged, he is sorry. He added that they tried to reach the influencer directly but never heard back.

Influencer speaks up again

The influencer then again shot back at Tahiliani for not waiting for her to see her DM when they had her email and being in a rush to release the statement. She added that they had put the blame on her but she was not made aware of the limited stock issue when she had enquired over several mail trails.

In an interview with ETimes, Tarun said, "Even if things might have happened, it is their (store people) words against hers. But there is always a way to express your displeasure. The kind of language she used while sharing her thoughts on social media with the continuous use of the F-word was downright tacky."