Shots were reportedly fired inside the campus of the Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in the United States late on Wednesday, according to the police.

UPDATE: However, the University and the police soon issued an alert that it was 'all clear'. 

Police officials had issued an alert to those in the area to leave immediately.

The University also posted the alert on its website

The shots were reported to have been fired on the campus near the Murphy centre, according to the Middle Tennessee State University Police Department's post on its Facebook page. 

"Shots fired reported on campus near the Murphy Center. If you are in that location, leave immediately if possible. Otherwise, shelter in place by finding a secure area and wait for further announcements. If you are not in that location, stay alert and away from the location," the police department has said in its alert. 

The incident comes just days after the Chattanooga shooting in Tennessee that left four US Marines dead.