California earthquake
Representational image | Reuters

A few days back, Ralf Vandebergh, a Dutch astronomer captured the image of X-37B, a secret US space plane that has been conducting secretive experiments in the skies since September 07, 2017. The Dutch astronomer also revealed that this secretive space plane was spotted after searching vigorously for many months. Just two days after the discovery, two strong earthquakes, measuring 6.4 and 7.1 in the Richter scale hit Southern California.

Now, Tyler Glockner, a popular conspiracy theorist who runs the YouTube channel 'Secureteam10' has suggested that the spotting of X-37B and the strong tremors could be an indication of the US government's secret weather control program.

"The moment these double earthquakes began down Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, we happened to see this highly classified reconnaissance space plane floating by in the general area of space. Theories already abound that some sort of HAARP weapon is being tested to create said earthquakes or somehow manipulate the underground tectonics to manifest said earthquakes," said Glockner in a recent video uploaded to YouTube, Daily Star reports.

The video uploaded by Glockner has already gone viral on the internet, and within 24 hours, it has racked up more than 2,38,000 views. After watching the video, viewers of Secureteam10 also shared their opinion regarding the theory put forward by Tyler Glockner.

"These earthquakes felt like they were being remote controlled or something, didn't feel like the natural earthquakes I've experienced in the past," commented KnownCharacterMen, a YouTube user.

"You have been deceived. Earthquake? Sonic blast in earth's fault line is man-made. California is earmarked as a national park. They want you gone," commented John Dory, another YouTuber.

However, self-proclaimed seismic researcher Frank Hoogerbeets has a different story to tell. As per Hoogerbeets, it is a critical planetary alignment which is causing the rise in seismic activities on the earth. Hoogerbeets believe that a megaquake which may measure more than 8 in the Richter scale will hit the planet on July 10, 2019.