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Mollywood celebrities, who will be attending Dileep Show 2017 in the US and Canada.Dileep/Facebook

Malayalam actor Dileep and many other talented artistes of Mollywood are prepping for a month-long stage shows all over the US and Canada between April 28 and May 29. While many Keralites settled abroad are awaiting for the shows, a section of the US Malayalees are planning to boycott the event as it is lead by Dileep.

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But why is Dileep the reason behind them boycotting the show?

Dileep and Manju Warrier, who got married in 1998, called it quits in 2015. After officially getting separated, the comedian recently got married to another popular actress Kavya Madhavan, with whom he was always linked up even after his first marriage. Now, this has apparently irked a few Keralites staying in the US, due to which they have decided not to attend Dileep's show, directed by Nadhirshah. 

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When did it start?

A few days ago, a video of an NRI named Sabu Kattappana, had surfaced online, in which he is heard requesting people all over the US and Canada to boycott the show led by Dileep. Without naming the actor, the man seen in the video was found referring Dileep as "a popular actor" (pramukha nadan). However, it is very evident that he is talking about Dileep itself.

Dileep Show 2017 has been scheduled to begin on April 28 till May 29.

"A group of Malayalees have decided to boycott the show of a popular actor. This person initially got married to a popular actress, and they are having a kid as well. Later he got to his wife's friend. He also attempted to destroy the career of another popular actress. We only made him a popular star, so we have to react. And the only option is to boycott his shows. Many Malayalees have decided to do that, for further details you can contact me. My name is Sabu Kattappana [translated from Malayalam]," the US resident was heard saying in the video.

Is this the right way to react to what happened in Dileep's personal life?

  • We often fail to realise one important fact — celebrities are human beings who must be treated just like a normal person. Just because they are public figures, are they not supposed have enough privacy? 
  • Just because you boycott a show since it is lead by your not-so-favourite actor, aren't you disrespecting many other talented artistes who are also working hard for months to entertain you? Why are they, too, getting punished for something they are not responsible?

Dileep Show 2017 will also be attended by Kavya Madhavan, Namitha Pramod, Rimi Tomy, Ramesh Pisharody, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Harisree Yousuf, Sudheer Paravoor, Eloor George, Swasika, among many others.

  • Yes, we know Dileep initially married Manju, later divorced her and got hitched to Kavya. Many of us were expecting that too, and it's done. But what proof does Sabu has to allege that the actor is behind the abduction case of South Indian actress, who was kidnapped and molested by a gang of people in a moving car in Kerala? Did the investigators ever named or questioned Dileep in connection with the case? He might or might not be responsible, but how can one just claim that he is actually responsible for the same without holding any proof? Isn't it defaming?

Now, do you think boycotting a show is the right way to react to something that happened in the personal life of an actor? Comment below.