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It was on February 17, a popular South Indian actress was abducted and allegedly assaulted by a gang, including her former driver Sunil Kumar aka Pulsar Suni, in a moving car, while she was on her way from Thrissur to actress Ramya Nambeeshan's home in Kochi. A few days later, reports suggested the involvement of a prominent actor in connection with the case, pointing fingers at Dileep, who has shared the screenspace with the actress.

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Now, few days after Dileep reacted to the fake news against him, the actor lashed out at media for defaming him by relating his name with the abduction of the actress. The comedian went emotional during the audio launch event of his upcoming movie, Georgettan's Pooram, in Thrissur on Sunday, March 5.

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"I have been in the middle of a pooram for the past few days, and this is my first public appearance since then. So, I decided to speak a few words to my audience on the conspiracy against me. Recently, an actress, who has worked with me in many movies, was attacked brutally. After hearing the news, I had even contacted her. But a few days later, reports had it that I was also involved in the entire incident. An English newspaper based in Mumbai initially published the news plotting my involvement, and it was soon taken up by few yellow journalists, who had also carried it on their websites as well [translated from Malayalam]," Dileep said during the audio launch event.

Dileep furthur criticised newspapers and channels for indirectly mentioning and defaming him. "Few well-known newspapers also reported the involvement of "popular actor who stays in Aluva" without using my name, and that's when I realised the seriousness of the issue. None of these newspaper organisations contacted me to enquire about the truth on the news. When I called them and asked on what basis they published those reports, they admitted their mistake, but I didn't see any further correction reports on the same. That's when I posted saying 'I am not that prominent actor' on my Facebook page," the actor added.

I do respect women. My life is an open book in front of my audience, still I was a prey of media attack just to defame me. What was the mistake I did? I have been crucified for something which I have not done. None of these media made me what I am today, it is my audience who made me a successful person. In the name of Vadakkumnathan (deity of Shiva) of Thrissur, I promise that I am not involved in the abduction case of my colleague.


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