Arpita Khan with Aayush Sharma
Arpita Khan with Aayush Sharma.Salman Khan's Instagram Page

Aayush Sharma has opened up about his courtship period with Arpita Khan. Aayush revealed that when the two of them decided to get married, he wasn't working and there was no source of income for him. Aayush got married to Arpita when he was just 24. He revealed that when he broke the news to his family, his father asked who would take care of Arpita's expenses.

Arpita Khan Weds Aayush Sharma
Arpita Khab exchanging garland with Aayush Sharma.Divya Tweets

Breaking the news to the family

Aayush revealed that when he told his family about Arpita, their only concern was how will he pay the bills. "Kaam tu kuch karta nahi hai, paise tu kama nai raha, upar se shaadi kar raha hai woh bhi aise ladki se jiske paas itna paisa hai. Uske kharche kaise uthayega? (You are not working, not earning. On top of that, you are getting married to a girl who comes from a rich and affluent family. How will you manage her expenses?)" the LoveRatri actor revealed on Bharti TV's YouTube channel.

Arpita Khan
A picture of the soon-to-be-wedding couple Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma.Arpita Khan Twitter Page

Who will pay the bills?

The dashing actor then told his father that they would have to foot the bills and not him. This made his father ask him, "Shaadi tune kiya, pyaar tune kiya, bill mai bharu?" (You will get married, you fell in love and I should pay the bill?)." Aayush, who has not had a successful journey in Bollywood so far, revealed that his mother was quite impressed by Salman Khan when they met for the first time.

Aayush said that all his mother could say was how good-looking Salman was. Aayush Sharma hails from a political family and this left his mother concerned over how would the two families manage the equation. Aayush and Arpita got married in a grand wedding ceremony at Falaknuma palace in Hyderabad in 2014. The couple has two children – Ayat and Ahil Sharma.