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The match has been announcedTwitter/WWE

WWE fans were in for a great surprise when The Undertaker made an appearance on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. His intervention came when Shane McMahon was in the course of brutally attacking Roman Reigns. Just when the junior McMahon was ready to launch into his coast-to-coast move, the bell tolled and the lights went off. When they came back on, The Deadman was in the ring and proceeded to punish both Shane O' Mac and his henchman Drew McIntyre.

So, what did this mean? Well, a comment from Michael Cole while Undertaker was in the process of throwing Shane out of the ring suggested that we might see the two men reviving their feud that led to their Wrestlemania 32 match. Cole mentioned the "history between these two," and since commentators don't make random comments but those which are related to the storyline, we were certain to see a fall out from this event in the future. And it was announced that the tag-team of Undertaker and Roman Reigns will be taking on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at WWE Extreme Rules. 

But then, what about the fact that Undertaker's last performance in the ring was quite disappointing and the fact that he has been looking well past his sell by date? This is where the presence of Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre in the ring may come into play. Taker might be too old to carry a match all by his own. So, getting him involved in a tag-team match as a partner of Reigns could be a smart idea.

The Undertaker
A tag-team match is the best way to utilise The UndertakerTwitter/WWE

While he may not be the most popular wrestler, the Big Dog is certainly one of the best performers. When he is the tag-team partner of The Phenom, he could do all the heavy lifting and make the match interesting while giving Undertaker enough time to show off his signature moves but not so much that he would tire himself. On the other side, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre will ensure that Reigns gets good support from the other side.

Getting Taker to team up with Roman might be the best idea WWE has had in a long time. The athleticism of Reigns and the aura of Taker might indeed be a recipe for success.