Ashish R Shukla
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The web series Undekhi has emerged a surprise hit upon release only a few weeks ago, and the makers have confirmed its second season will be bigger, better and have more surprises.

Based on true incidents of crime and set against the backdrop of a high-profile wedding, "Undekhi" has a nerve-wracking chase, inter-family politics, and a display of power and more.

Talking about Undekhi season 2, director Ashish R Shukla said: "Yes, it's obvious because the show had a cliffhanger and lot many revenges are remaining so yes it has to happen. The process has been started and the creator of the show is working on the script."

"We'll go on floors as the script gets finalised. It surely feels like people have a huge expectation from us and the show. The second season will be bigger, better and will have more surprises," he added.

For now, he is enjoying positive feedback that the show has been garnering. "They are disappointed with some deaths and connecting with the show very personally, and it's rewarding. We assure them that because of their love we are working harder on the next season and it will make them love the show even more," said the director.

The first season features actors like Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Harsh Chhaya.