In 2017, following an investigative report in the New York Times, the Pentagon admitted carrying out a secretive UFO investigation program named Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). As mystery loomed up, To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences released UFO videos that showed a strange flying object, now known as 'tic-tac UFO' screeching across the skies at a mind-blowing speed.

These UFO videos were deemed to be authentic by the Pentagon, and recently, documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell also released two new UFO clips. The first clip released by Corbell showed a triangular UFO in the skies, while the second one showed a spherical UFO plunging into the ocean.

Pentagon releases UFO videos
(Source: Screengrab/Youtube)

UFO mystery peaks

As several seemingly authentic UFO sightings are getting reported in various parts of the world, several people have started putting forward various theories to explain these unknown sightings. Some conspiracy theorists argue that these sightings are proof of alien existence, while a few sections of people believe that these could be spy vessels developed by countries like China.

Amid speculations regarding the origin of these unknown flying vessels, a former US International Security Analyst has claimed the UFOs spotted swarming a Navy ship are not Chinese spy planes.

"As observers grapple with these possibilities, clues are beginning to emerge that a leading theory for the military's UFO encounters - advanced Chinese aircraft - is increasingly unlikely. For one, the South China Morning Post recently revealed that China has established its own task force to analyze unidentified objects appearing in its airspace. Beijing, like Washington, appears to take these phenomena seriously. Moreover, Chinese analysts are reportedly so 'overwhelmed' by UFO reports that China's military is now relying on artificial intelligence to assess such incidents more efficiently," wrote veteran expert Marik von Rennenkampff on The Hill.

China clueless about UFO sightings

The security expert suggested that China is also perplexed by the UFO phenomenon, as they fail to put forward a convincing possibility to explain these sightings.

"Make no mistake: These revelations are not accidental. Opaque, authoritarian states such as China do not simply volunteer information about glaring national security gaps on a whim. This raises two possibilities. Either China is engaging in an elaborate disinformation campaign, or it is genuinely perplexed by phenomena it cannot explain," added von Rennenkampff.