Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb initially came to the limelight when he suggested that Oumuamua, the first known interstellar visitor could be an alien probe. After analyzing the trajectory and the shape of the weird interstellar object, Loeb assured that it could be an alien probe sent by an advanced alien civilization. And now, Loeb has talked about UFOs, and he shockingly suggested that these flying vessels could be most probably AI-powered drones from advanced alien civilizations. 

UFOs could be alien drones

Several times, Avi Loeb had called his scientific peers "closed-minded", and he believes that scientists should think out of the box to unravel mysteries surrounding the existence of alien life. 

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"It could be something from an extraterrestrial origin - and most stars formed before suns, billions of years before, and just imagine a civilization that predates us by a billion years. It's enough time to send a chemically propelled spacecraft with artificial intelligence out into the world that is autonomous. That is required because the distances between stars are very long - you have to behave autonomously - and I can imagine equipment that was put in place by civilizations a billion years ago. All you need is one civilization and that is enough to populate the entire galaxy with self-replicating probes with AI," Loeb told the Sun Online. 

Loeb's revelation after Pentagon's UFO report

The comments from Loeb came just a few days after the Pentagon released its much-anticipated UFO report. In the UFO report, the defense department acknowledged over 140 unexplainable UFO sightings, but they neither admitted nor denied the presence of aliens behind these alleged flying object events. 

Loeb's new theory has now made several people believe that these UFOs could be most probably alien vessels. Moreover, Navy officers who witnessed the UFO event have several times claimed that the sighted flying vessels had demonstrated advanced capabilities.