It was around a few months back that Haim Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief talked about aliens. In an interview, Eshed revealed that world powers like the United States and Israel are closely working with multiple alien species, and confirmed the existence of a galactic federation, where extraterrestrials and humans are members. Adding up the heat to this seemingly bizarre theory, a video is now going viral on online spaces, that shows a flying saucer-shaped craft being towed into a US military base. 

UFO technology with the United States? 

The video of the event was originally released by a TikTok user. In the video, a flat flying vessel made in aerodynamic shape is being towed into a military base. 

Alleged UFO being towed into a US military baseTikTok/Twitter

The video was later analyzed by internet sleuth Ruben Hofs. After analyzing the geography surrounding the area, Hofs revealed that the event happened in Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility. 

"Coincidentally, this morning I stumbled upon a very interesting TikTok video of an unknown shape on a flatbed trailer. The scaffolding in the background got my interest and this appears to be the Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility. Also, this does not seem to resemble the so-called polecap used for calibration purposes," wrote Hofs on Twitter. 

Netizens react

A section of netizens who watched the bizarre clip suggested that the United States army might be working with secret UFO technology. They also added that advanced aliens from deep space could be helping them to develop antigravity vessels. 

"Or it's just a sort of deceiving action by Skunk Works. Show something 'secret' out in the open, so everyone's discussing this, and the real secrets are kept hidden," one netizen commented. 

However, most of the people claimed that there is no alien connection to craft, and they made it clear that it could be a supersonic combat drone model or another type of stealth combat drone.