UFO India
YouTube: Saurabh Singh

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mavi777' has released a strange video which shows a bright glowing object over the clouds in Lucknow, India. The video suggests that the strange object in the video could be a UFO from deep space, and the weird structure seems to emanate bright lights.

The video was initially uploaded to YouTube by a man named Saurabh Singh. The clip later gained popularity after it was shared by 'Mavi777'.

As the video gained viral, ecstatic conspiracy theorists started arguing that the object spotted in the clip is a strong proof of alien existence. These viewers believe that this alien spaceship is camouflaging itself behind the clouds to hide its existence.

After watching the bizarre clip, viewers of 'Mavi777' too put forward various theories explaining the strange shape in the skies.

"The great fake alien invasion is getting more and more intense!! Don't believe, these are Demonic entities we are to steadfast in our faith with our Lord and Savior and not believe these lies this deception!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL," commented Caroline 2017, a YouTuber user.

However, sceptics have a different story to say. Sceptics reveal that there is nothing suspicious about the video, and they claim that the object spotted in the Lucknow skies could be actually a strange-shaped cloud. They added that the glow around the cloud is actually the sun's reflection.

The new UFO sighting in India was reported just hours after Scott C Waring, a popular extraterrestrial researcher spotted a triangular-shaped flying object very near to the International Space Station. In a report published on his website 'UFO Sightings Daily', Waring revealed that the object near ISS could be either a secret military vessel or an alien scoutship.

Even though extraterrestrial buffs agreed to the views put forward by Waring, sceptics dismissed these claims and made it clear that the strange object is actually a lens flare.