YouTube Screenshot: Scott Waring

Popular UFO researcher Scott C Waring has claimed to have spotted an object circling around the International Space Station (ISS). In a video uploaded to YouTube, Scott Waring argues that the strange object spotted near the ISS could be either a secret program run by NASA or an alien ship from deep space.

As per Scott C Waring, the object featured in the video is actually triangle-shaped, a unique nature of flying saucers depicted in Hollywood sci-fi flicks.

"I was watching the live space station cam when I noticed a UFO passing in the background. The UFO seemed bright because of the reflecting light bouncing off of it and the station. The shape was hard to make out, but it does appear to be a curved triangle in shape and could very possibly be a USAF top secret TR3B, or an evolution of that craft," wrote Scott Waring on his website.

The video uploaded by Waring soon went viral on online spaces, and it has already raked up more than 27,000 views on YouTube. Most of the viewers who watched the video seem convinced about the claims made by Waring, and they believe that governments all around the world and NASA are well aware of alien existence.

"If NASA tells us the truth about all the strange things that show us in the sky, that would change everything. The world will wonder why such things have been hidden from us, why we have not been told so far about the existence of other civilizations," commented Ioan Palade, a YouTube user.

However, sceptics argue that anomalies like these are quite common in ISS live footages. As per these sceptics, objects like these are actually lens flares or the reflection of objects inside the ISS.

In June, another UFO researcher Graham Maple had spotted four bright objects passing in close proximity to the International Space Station. The video which went viral on social media platforms made conspiracy theorists believe that alien life is a reality and extraterrestrial beings are gearing up for a disclosure.