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A video uploaded on Youtube shows 4 UFOs near ISS (Representational Image)YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

International Space Station's (ISS) live feed has always been the debating point among conspiracy theorists, as several times the feed has got interrupted whenever strange objects get spotted. Now, Graham Maple, a UFO researcher has spotted four unidentified flying objects near the ISS.

ISS shrouded in mystery?

The skywatcher also uploaded a video featuring this bizarre sighting on his YouTube channel 'Conspiracy Depot'. The video shows four separate strange objects located at different spots around the globe. One of the spotted objects was seen flying away from the earth, while the remaining three were floating intact near the International Space Station.

"I found the first one in the video the most interesting, it seems to show an object which is moving at high speed leaving either a trail or has some kind of tether attached to it," wrote the conspiracy theorist in the video's description.

As the video went viral, conspiracy theorists started arguing that alien life is a reality. These theorists made it clear that governments, NASA and the astronauts who live on the ISS are well aware of their existence, and are intentionally hiding the truth from the general public. As per these theorists, aliens are preparing for a disclosure soon which will reshape the entire course of humanity. 

One YouTube user named 'Hype' sarcastically commented that the expansion of NASA is actually 'Never A Straight Answer'.

Similar sighting in the past

This is not the first time that UFOs are spotted in the ISS live feed. In March 2018, conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'MRMB333' released a video which shows three eerie objects above western Australia. The video was captured from the ISS live feed, and interestingly, when the space station was about to approach the objects, it vanished from the sight.

Even though conspiracy theorists consider these sightings a proof of alien life, and skeptics argue that these objects are actually tinted fogs.

Is ISS covering up the reality?

The most noted UFO sighting near ISS happened in January 2018 when spectators spotted a giant object more than 100 miles long in the live feed. But soon after the bizarre object was spotted on the screen, the live feed was censored. People who later tried to access the live feed got the message 'The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras, or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station' on their screens.