solar storm, CME,
(Representational picture) This CME image from Oct. 7, 2012, captured by two instruments on NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO, shows the eruption from its base out into space. The base of the CME near the sun is seen in extreme ultraviolet light emitted directly from the solar material; the growing loop is seen in visible light.NASA/STEREO

A video uploaded by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania' has now pulled conspiracy theorists all across the world to a state of frenzy. The eerie video shows a spectacular object, possibly 100 times the size of the earth, leaving the sun.

Is our sun a stargate?

"While searching the site, I found a huge object coming out of the sun. Will it be proof that our sun is a Stargate?" reads the description of the video on conspiracy theory channel. 

The object spotted in the video has the shape of a butterfly, and it is seen coming out of the core of the sun. It should be noted that the gravitational attraction in the core of the sun produces immense pressure and temperature which can reach up to 15 million degree Celsius.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the butterfly-shaped flying object might have been made with alien technology, and that is why it came without any damage from the sun's core.

The video which went viral has already racked up more than 4,500 views and viewers have started putting forward theories explaining this weird sighting.

"Wow great catch, amazing film, although could just be a HUGE amount of plasma escaping from the suns pull. Just a thought," commented BTB's, a YouTube user.

Holly Baker, another YouTube user argued that the giant object spotted near the sun might be an Annunaki ship from deep space controlled by advanced aliens.

Similar sighting in the past

This is not the first time that weird objects are getting spotted near the sun. A year ago, Secureteam10, a conspiracy theory YouTube channel headed by UFO researcher Tyler Glockner had released a video which showed an object sucking beams out of the sun. Interestingly, the object spotted by Glockner was also approximately 100 times the size of the earth.

Glockner soon talked to some experts who used to monitor the sun regularly, and they revealed that the beam of lights from the sun is not a natural phenomenon.