Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that alien existence on earth is a reality. According to these conspiracy theorists, unexplained UFO sightings that happen in various parts of the globe are clear evidence of alien existence on the blue planet. YouTube is loaded with several UFO videos, and some of them are too compelling in nature. One such video has now gone viral, and it is apparently shot from the skies of Arizona on November 18. 

UFO video submitted to MUFON

The eyewitness who captured the bizarre UFO sighting soon submitted it to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a US-based non-profit organization composed of civilian volunteers who study reported UFO sightings. 

Alleged UFO spotted in ArizonaUFO Sightings Daily/MUFON

In the video, multiple glowing orbs can be seen moving in the skies, and at the first glance, it looks like fireballs. 

"I witnessed and saw round circles flying through the sky I pulled over and video tapped over 10 of these round circles going from east to west to making no noise really bright and hauling through the sky," said the eyewitness. 

Alien hunter analyzed UFO video

The video was later analyzed by self-styled alien hunter Scott C Waring who is currently operating from Taiwan. Waring, after analyzing the video suggested that this UFO sighting has happened very near to Area 51. According to Waring, UFO sightings in this area are very common, and there is nothing surprising about it. 

"It really shows how the UFOs move, travel together, colors, glow and shape. That's a lot of info gathered from one video. Also, the UFOs are low...they are flying below the clouds. Arizona is home of the Extraterrestrial Highway that goes past Area 51, a place that UFOs are frequently seen, so this is of no surprise since its from a hotbed of UFO activity. Awesome catch, I really like how so many are traveling together following each other," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily

Waring uploaded the UFO video on his YouTube channel, where several netizens claimed to have witnessed the event. They also suggested that these sightings could be an indication of an imminent alien disclosure. 

"I saw one of this. Really close to my window. I was sleeping and woke up because I saw the room red. When I look out the window, I saw the red orb moving quietly. It was around 3:00 am. It was a lot closer to the ground," commented Yakahuma X, a YouTuber. 

"I saw a lot of these in Virginia last night. Red, blue, and white ones," commented Ammy, another YouTube user.