Michio Kaku is a popular American physicist known for giving notable contributions to modern science. Now, Michio Kaku has talked about UFOs that had perplexed American Navy officials. In a recent interaction with South China Morning Post, the American physicist suggested that the infamous tic-tac UFO might be using technology that humans are not familiar with. 

Tic-tac UFO and its origin

During the interaction, the interviewer asked Kaku whether unidentified aerial phenomena have an alien origin. Kaku replied that humans now have mountains of videotapes that prove the existence of unidentified flying vessels. 

Michio Kaku
American physicist Michio KakuYouTube: South China Morning Post

"In the old days, we rely on hearsay, somebody saw something in the skies. But now, we have mountains of videotapes taken by the United States Navy pilots. We have analyzed them frame by frame. This is a goldmine of data. We now realize that they can travel between Mach 3 and Mach 20, up to 20 times the speed of sound. They can descend 80,000 feet within a matter of just a few seconds. And apparently, they can even dive underwater," said Kaku. 

Kaku also suggested that no human technology is capable of building such flying vessels, and he noted that many of these videos were taken decades back, a time in which advancement in human technology was in the nascent stages. 

Kaku compares humans with aliens

Kaku also suggested that these advanced vessels could be of alien origin. 

"The United States military has now pretty much admitted that quote, ''they are not ours.'' The military, if you read very carefully, if you read their entire analysis of this phenomenon, the US military admits that, yes, there is a technology that we are not familiar with. These things can perform gyrations, and maneuvers that we cannot. It is not one of ours, perhaps it is one of theirs. And so they mentioned other; Russia, China, perhaps, another secret power we are not familiar with. But what does the other mean? We do not know for sure. But I think the military has now admitted that they might be extraterrestrial," added Kaku. 

While talking about alien existence, Kaku compared humans with squirrels and made it clear that advanced extraterrestrials might not be interested in us. 

"Well, let's say that you are walking down a country road and you see a squirrel. Do you go down to the squirrel and talk to it. Well, maybe at first, you try to. But then, you kind of lose interest because the squirrel does not talk back to you. The squirrel has nothing to offer you. The squirrel just runs back looking for nuts, food, and shelter. And so, you pretty much leave the squirrel alone. So, if they really are extraterrestrials, and I do not know, I certainly do not know for sure, but there is a probability that they have been observing us for several decades," said Kaku.