UFO Sighting: Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile (Representational Image)
UFO Sighting: Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile (Representational Image)Reuters

Michele Bardsley, 35, a market trader has captured mysterious lights that appeared in the skies above her home in West Midlands, United Kingdom.

The Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was filmed on Michele's phone that showed weird reddish objects. The strange phenomenon was captured in a 40 minutes video on the night of 10 January 2014.

"I was painting upstairs then went to the back door for a cig. I looked up and there were these shapes, like orbs, in the sky. I looked up and there were these shapes, like orbs, in the sky. They didn't look like stars, or planes or helicopters, they were just hanging there. I thought I'd had a few too many rum and cokes! Birmingham Mail quoted Michele, the mother of three as saying.

"I got my phone and zoomed in on them, I was there for about 20 minutes, my feet were freezing but I couldn't come away. Eventually I had to come back inside for my slippers and fags, and then I went back out and filmed another 20 minutes. I must have looked mad out there for so long just filming the sky but it was so strange I did not want to go inside." she added.

However, the strange light was not seen the next morning. People should see the video to understand what the strange light actually is. People can see all kinds of things happening, lights shooting off, appearing and disappearing. It might not be aliens, but they are definitely UFOs but unable to identify what it might be, explained Michele.

The incident has entered in the list of Midland flying saucer sightings.

Check for the incredible video of the strange lights here.

Back in 2012, a similar incident was reported in Birmingham when a police officer had claimed to have spotted an UFO that was travelling faster than the speed of sound while driving close to Birmingham airport.

In Canada, an UFO sighting was spotted recently hovering and spinning over an iceberg, as reported by Mirror Online.

According to some, the object could be a mirage or it can be a flag, but 235FireFly, a YouTube user, who posted the incredible video says that he saw the object spinning.

235FireFly, while driving around the area, looking at the iceberg, noticed a mass of ice flying that appeared narrowly attached to an iceberg. About 45 seconds after the object was spotted, another object flew down and sank into the water.

Again in a recent sighting, an unidentified object was destroyed by a fighter jet in Durango, New Mexico.

The object called the giant 'alien monster' was seen in the Durango dessert and was captured in a one minute, 41 second video, which was uploaded on YouTube, showing how the US military aircraft destroyed the unidentified object.

The jet flight drops a bomb over the 'alien monster,' which let flames to erupt, and eventually destroy the object. A cloud of smoke rises up in the air as the alien monster vanishes.