Giant 'Alien Monster' Destroyed by US Militants in New Mexico (You Tube Screenshot/Section 51)
Giant 'Alien Monster' Destroyed by US Militants in New Mexico (You Tube Screenshot/Section 51)You Tube Screenshot/Section 51

UFO or alien sightings have always been in the news and reportedly sighted in many parts of the world. Many of them have been seen hovering over the sky, with people wondering where these objects come from.

However, a recent unidentified object was destroyed by a fighter jet in Durango, New Mexico, according to Mirror Online.

The unidentified object called the giant 'alien monster' was spotted in the Durango dessert. The incredible moment was captured in a one minute, 41 second video, which was uploaded in YouTube that shows how the US military aircraft zooms through the sky of Durango, in the United States. The camera also shows two US soldiers on the ground watching the weird jelly-fish-like object from a short distance.

The jet plane then flies over the 'alien monster' and drops a bomb, causing flames to erupt, which eventually destroys the object. A cloud of smoke arises in the air as the alien monster disappears.

The You Tube video was uploaded by a user Section 51 and has grabbed huge attention worldwide.

The video reads: "A giant 'alien' creature was found in the desert of New Mexico - May 2014"

Check out the video of US jet fighter destroying the giant alien here.

Similar incident had been reported on 9 May 2014, when a mysterious hole in the cloud was seen over Stockton, Northern California. Images of the strange object led to people wondering what must have caused the phenomenon, reported Daily Mail.

Many people shared their thoughts and images on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on what appeared to be a weird, bright hole in the undisturbed clouds over the Stockton city.

The weird phenomenon was explained by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as the "hole punch cloud", which is formed when the white could temperature drops below the freezing point, forming ice crystals. The evaporating crystals leave behind a hole in the cloud.

A similar event was reported in Northern California in 2010. Though these types of natural formations are common in different parts of the world, experts disagree stating that Stockton has been comparatively warmer this year.

In another UFO sighting, crew from Australia's TV production captured two UFO hovering over Queenstown, New Zealand. The sighting was captured while shooting for the seventh season of "Colour In Your Life" series.

The video of the UFO uploaded by the TV programme, captured international attention from social media portals. The sightings were captured on 3 May 2014, while filming for the first episode of the series. But it was only when the crew started reviewing the edited footage, they noticed two mysterious objects flying overhead. 

On May 16, three unidentified flying objects were spotted by the residents of Heilongjiang province that fell from the sky and landed in village grounds.

However, the unidentified objects spotted were thought to be part of the Russian rocket Proton-M that blasted soon after the lift-off on Friday, while carrying a satellite to place in the orbit. Though it has not yet been confirmed if the objects were from the Russian rocket that exploded in the atmosphere, scientists from China are examining the large unidentified objects.