YouTube: UFO Institute

Conspiracy theorists in Russia are all in a state of ecstasy after they spotted a cluster of unidentified flying objects in the skies of Vladivostok, Russia. The video was apparently shot on October 25, in broad daylight, and the cluster of UFO, after appearing on the skies, soon attained the shape of the alphabet 'S'.

Even though the video was originally shot by a man named Dmitry Dissar, the clip gained popularity once it was shared by popular conspiracy theory channels like 'Mavi777' and 'UFO Institute'. After watching the video, most of the viewers argued that this strange clip is an irrefutable proof of alien existence. As per these alien buffs, aliens have now started appearing in broad daylight which indicates that they are gearing up for a disclosure.

A section of other conspiracy theorists claimed that the objects spotted in the video could be secret anti-gravity military vessels developed by the Russian military. Some of these theorists compared these flying spaceships with the TR-3B, the alleged spaceships developed by US Air Force, as claimed by conspiracists all around the world.

However, experts who analyzed the video substantiated that the clip could be generated using advanced computer graphics.

The new UFO sighting in Russia was reported just hours after conspiracy theorists spotted a green glowing anomaly over Jupiter's surface. As the image went viral, many experts also checked the image available on the NASA website, and it was found true that the claims made by these conspiracy theorists were true.

As the number of UFO sightings all around the globe and outside earth is increasing drastically, alien buffs have started claiming that extraterrestrial beings are now gearing up for a disclosure. These people even believe that US president Donald Trump's recent decision to launch a space force is an indication that an alien disclosure is going to be made soon.