YouTube: Secureteam10

Popular UFO researcher Tyler Glockner who runs the YouTube channel 'Secureteam10' has uploaded an eerie video which shows static unidentified flying objects in two different countries, Brazil and South Korea.

The strange clip uploaded to YouTube with the title 'Do They Really Expect Us To Ignore This?' also argues that something sinister is going on in the skies without the knowledge of the general public.

The video clip from Brazil is originally shot by a YouTube user named Alcina Monteiro. The clip shot in the night shows static UFOs illuminating lights over the skies of Sao Paulo.

"These lights appear to sit static in the skies. It did not go up, It did not go left or right. They just sat in the skies in very strange forms," said Glockner in the video.

In the meantime, the UFO clip apparently captured from South Korea shows a seemingly cylindrical shaped object hovering in the skies. Interestingly, this object too remained motionless, but it emanated bright light.

At the first glance, the cylindrical object seems like streaking across the skies, as it was shot from a car passenger. But upon closer analysis, it becomes evident that this strange UFO is also hovering static.

The video uploaded by Secureteam 10 soon went viral on YouTube, and it has already racked up more than 357,000 views. After watching the video, most of the viewers admitted that these sightings are the concrete proofs of alien existence.

However, experts dismissed these views and made it clear that the objects spotted in Brazil could be manipulated using laser beaming devices. They also argue that the strange UFO spotted in the skies of South Korea could be actually a reflection from one of the car windows.

Even though skeptics are used to dismiss the strange thoughts often put forward by Tyler Glockner, the criticism is not affecting the popularity of his YouTube channel, and it has already racked up close to 2 million subscribers.