A mysterious UFO event that happened in Indonesia is now the hottest debating point among netizens and alien enthusiasts. In the alleged footage captured from Jangkar Beach in the Indonesia province of East Java, a black flying object can be seen falling down from the skies, and finally, it crashes to the sea. As the UFO makes its nosedive, it can be seen leaving a trail of smoke behind. 

UFO footage goes viral

The video of the alleged UFO event has now gone viral on online spaces, and many people have started claiming that this flying object could be an alien spaceship. Some other people argued that this black UFO could be a secretive military vessel developed by advanced nations like the United States. 

Alleged UFO spotted in IndonesiaYouTube

The object spotted in the skies was cylindrical in shape, and the visuals literally resembled scenes from Hollywood sci-fi flicks like Independence Day and Mars Attack. 

Investigation launched to unravel UFO mystery

According to the latest updates, authorities in Indonesia have launched an investigation to unravel the mystery surrounding the UFO sighting. Emanuel Snugging Mumpungi of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space revealed that a team has been now sent to the location to know more about the UFO event. Even though Mumpungi failed to suggest a theory to explain the bizarre sighting, he made it clear that the falling UFO was too slow to be a falling object from space. 

A few days back, Jeremy Corbell, a popular documentary filmmaker had released a similar video that showed a spherical UFO plunging into the ocean. Corbell claimed that the UFO video was shot from a US Navy ship. The footage shared by Corbell went viral, and many people claimed that events like these are authentic proof of alien existence on earth.