Lt. Ryan Graves, a former US Navy official has sensationally claimed to have seen hundreds of UFOs flying in restricted airspace off the coast of Virginia. According to a report published in New York Post, Graves apparently saw several unidentified flying objects every day for two years beginning in 2019. 

Mindblowing revelation from former Navy officer

The revelation from Graves comes at a time when the US government is all set to release the report of the Director of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Defense on unidentified aerial phenomena. 

Pentagon releases UFO videos
The videos of UFOs were taken by US Navy pilots in 2014 and 2015.(Source: Screengrab/Youtube)

Graves told CBS's 60 Minutes that he is worried about such sightings, and made it clear that these events are questioning the national security. 

"I am worried, frankly. You know, if these were tactical jets from another country that were hanging out up there, it would be a massive issue. But because it looks slightly different, we're not willing to actually look at the problem in the face. We're happy to just ignore that these are out there, watching us every day," said Lieutenant Graves. 

US technology or enemy surveillance?

The former Navy Lieutenant suggested that the UFO spotted in the skies could be either US technology or some advanced enemy surveillance vehicles. 

"This is a difficult one to explain. You have rotation, you have high altitudes. You have propulsion, right? I don't know. I don't know what it is, frankly. I would say, you know, the highest probability is it's a threat observation program," added Graves. 

A few days back, popular documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, known for releasing astonishing UFO clips had released a video, apparently shot by US Navy officials aboard USS Russell. In the video, a pyramid-shaped craft can be seen hovering in the skies, and it had emanating lights on its body. Recently, Corbell released another video where a spherical craft can be seen plunging into the waters. 

As UFO sightings all across the world are increasing dramatically, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that these events could be proof of alien existence on earth. According to these conspiracy theorists, the recent admission from the Pentagon regarding the authenticity of these clips clearly hints at the fact that alien disclosure could be imminent.