A mysterious fireball was spotted in the night skies of Detroit recently, and the visuals of the sighting soon became viral on the internet. Even though space experts classified this object as a burning meteor, a self-styled alien hunter strongly suggests that the mysterious object spotted in the skies could be an unidentified flying object (UFO).  This bizarre speculation is being made by Scott C Waring, a popular conspiracy theorist, who claims himself to be a US Air Force veteran, who is now living in Taiwan. 

Waring analyzes fireball video and puts forward his thoughts

After analyzing the visual of the fireball streaking across the skies, Waring suggested that the UFO had the shape of a football. He stated that this object is not a meteor, as there is no debris which is flying off from the traveling ball.

UFO Detroit
Alleged UFO spotted in the skies of DetroitYouTube

"The object is a UFO. It's moving across the sky, not falling from space. The shape is similar to many other UFO photos and videos...the shape is like a football...or a fat disk. Notice that no debris flies off the glowing object...because it's not a meteor. Only FAA and military radar could really track this object and tell us what direction it went and if it landed somewhere," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily

Waring also added that authorities will not reveal details about these unidentified flying vessels, as they are trained to ignore these sightings. He also added that the object in the picture is nothing but an alien vessel that has reached the earth. Upon closer analysis, he revealed that the glowing ball in the skies even had a cockpit to accommodate extraterrestrial aliens. 

When Waring wished to become the head of NASA

This is not the first time that Waring is making bizarre claims about aliens and extraterrestrial lives. A few months back, before the US presidential elections, Waring claimed to have discovered a thigh-bone-like structure from the Martian surface and called it the presence of alien life on the Red Planet. 

After making the surprising discovery, which was dismissed later by space experts, Waring urged Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA. The conspiracy theorist also assured that he will expose all the realities surrounding alien life if he gets a chance to head NASA.