Following the release of the tic-tac UFO clip, the Pentagon, a few months back, had admitted that unidentified aerial phenomena do exist. The defense department had also confirmed carrying out a secretive project named Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) to unravel the mysteries surrounding UFO events. 

And now, the Barack Obama Presidential Library has claimed it has tens of thousands of pages that hint at the existence of UFOs, possibly from otherworldly origin. 

Barack Obama
Barack Obama (Left), Representational Image of alien (Right)White House (Left), Pixabay (Right)

Thousands of UFO-related documents at Obama Presidential Library

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Presidential Library revealed that it has over 3000 pages and more than 26,000 electronic files that may be suggesting the existence of unidentified flying objects. 

The information act request was made by John Greenewald Jr., acting on behalf of The Black Vault. 

Obama once admitted UFOs are real

The response from the Presidential Library has not shocked UFO experts and alien hunters, as Barack Obama himself had once admitted the existence of UFOs. 

A few months back, Obama claimed that it is difficult to predict the trajectory of UFOs

"We can't explain how they move, their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable pattern. And so I think that people still take seriously, trying to investigate and figure out what that is," said Obama.

Obama had also predicted that a future alien disclosure could result in the rise of new religions. 

"But no doubt, there would be immediate arguments about, well, we need to spend a lot more money on weapons systems to defend ourselves. And new religions would pop up, and who knows what kind of arguments we'd get into," added Obama.