UFO Moon
YouTube: Fotohota/Mavixxx

Conspiracy theorists have several times claimed that moon, Earth's only natural satellite is home to an advanced alien civilization. Adding heat to their seemingly outlandish claims, a conspiracy theory YouTube channel named 'Mavi xxx' has now uploaded a mysterious video that shows multiple UFOs flying above the moon.

The conspiracy theory channel revealed that the video was shot by a user named 'Fotohota' from Moscow, Russia. After witnessing the bizarre sighting through the telescope, the amateur astronomer revealed that these flying objects were travelling between Earth and the moon.

"They are not near the moon because there is no shadow. They are between the Earth and the moon, but not far from the moon. Their sizes are not small," said the eyewitness, Daily Star reports.

The video uploaded by 'Mav xxx' soon went viral on online spaces, and it has already racked up more than 35,000 views on YouTube. Most of the viewers who watched the video claimed that this is irrefutable proof of alien existence. These alien enthusiasts claim that alien life is real, and space agencies like NASA are well aware of their presence.

"OMG! Thanx for sharing. I think we all know it is going on. It is so disgusting we don't have full disclosure at this point in our human existence," commented Bo, a YouTube user.

A section of other conspiracy theorists claimed that these flying objects could be actually Donald Trump's space force which has already started surveilling our cosmic neighborhood.

"Our government is finally letting us see where our money goes to, SPACE Force the black budget fleet," commented Nicholas Santos, another YouTuber.

This is not the first time that UFO fleets are being spotted while viewing the moon through telescopes. A few months back, an amateur astronomer from Turkey spotted two unidentified flying objects hovering low above the lunar surface. After analyzing the video, self-proclaimed alien researcher Scott C Waring also assured that the sighting is a proof of extraterrestrial presence on the moon.