Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that advanced aliens from distant civilizations have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Most of these conspiracy theorists believe that these aliens have played a crucial role in determining human evolution, and they argue that these extraterrestrial beings are the master brains behind the building of ancient monuments that include the Great Pyramid of Giza. And now, members of the Aetherius Society have claimed that aliens from Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn have guided and protected humans throughout history.

Aetherius Society: The UFO cult

Aetherius Society is widely considered as a pseudo-religious movement founded by Dr George King in the 1950s. At that time, King revealed that he founded the group after being contacted by advanced aliens.

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According to the members of the Aetherius Society, several planets within the solar system are inhabited by alien life forms, but this life is not the one ''as we know it''.

Gods are actually aliens

The members of this UFO society claim that the greatest spiritual leaders who lived on the earth including Jesus, Krishna, and Moses could be extraterrestrial beings from deep space. They also argue that Oumuamua is not the only interstellar object that reached the vicinity of earth. 

"Oumuamua was not the first recorded interstellar object in our Solar System. There was one 60 years earlier that was observed without its interstellar origins being realized," said Reverend Julian Rosser, an Aetherius Society Minister, Daily Star reports

Rosser also added that two comet-like objects that could be alien ships reached near earth in 1957. However, he made it clear that we were not advanced at that time, and humans could not monitor those objects properly. 

A few years back, Giorgio Tsoukalos, the television host known for presenting 'Ancient Aliens' on History Channel had also claimed that Gods could be actually aliens. According to Tsoukalos, ancient gods, especially in the Hindu and Greek mythology were aliens from deep space, and their magical tricks were often interpreted heavenly by ancient humans. 

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