UFO spotted in the Yorkshire DalesYoutube/screenshot

Mysterious object hovering in the sky for more than two hours in the Yorkshire Dales has left the skywatchers baffled. People who captured the eerie orange object on camera claimed the UFO was as bright as a "bolt of lightning."

Trent Mason and Jack Holdsworth, who were camping near the Ribblehead railway viaduct in the Yorkshire Dales, spotted the UFO in the sky at night. They said the UFO made circular and triangular patterns for over two hours.

Trent said the UFO was incredible and it was like flash and whoosh that made appearances several times before disappearing. Trent and his friend Jack were camping near the railway viaduct to do some stargazing and recorded the UFO in the night.

"It just popped up on the horizon, then disappeared back where it came from. I wasn't sure if I saw it but looked at Jack and his face was white. It was there one minute, then next it lit up like a bolt of lightning. It was like a flash and whoosh, it was gone. If I'd blinked I would have missed it," Daily Star quoted Trent as saying.

"It was absolutely incredible. The stars were dots in the night sky and this was the size of a 5p. It was hard to judge how far away it was but it was definitely higher than the hills. It stayed in the same vicinity, but it was doing squares, circles, triangles. It was doing them very slowly but you could just make it out."

The Yorkshire Dales in Northern England is has become a destination for UFO experts. Several reports of UFO sightings from the place have surfaced online and in the last few years, the sightings have increased.

"Over the last few years UFO sighting reports in this area have been few and far between, however, for whatever reason, 2017 has seen a sharp upturn in reports in this area. Why this is, I have no idea, but the sighting reported by these two gentlemen fits with other sightings I have had from this general area in the past," Yorkshire based UFO researcher Philip Mantle explained.

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