Alien portal
Alien portal below the International Space Station (ISS)Youtube/screenshot

Conspiracy theorists' recent claim of finding three huge "alien portals" below the International Space Station (ISS) has left several people stunned. A video shared on YouTube claims to have found alien portals below ISS.

The bizarre video, uploaded to YouTube by the Third Phase of the Moon, appears to show mysterious circular shapes object flying near ISS. While several believe that the circular shape objects are nothing but clouds, the conspiracy theorists believe that they are aliens.

The channel owner of the Third Phase of the Moon said in the video, "We've got three strange anomalies drifting downwards just above the Earth's atmosphere. Is this something extraterrestrial?"

The channel owner further added that they are "definitely not lens fair, they appear to look like a smoke ring that seems to be drifting. I'm not sure these are just anomalous clouds - there's no other cloud in the hemisphere. If we look closely then it looks like portals of some sort."

Gib74, one of the YouTube users commented, "Interesting footage, Nasa doesn't want us to see HD, either that or they have downgraded to save for Mars."

"They are too high and too fast for clouds. I noticed some UFO'S cause a steamy vapor when they enter our atmosphere," another user commented.

But there are several other users who believe that the mysterious rings are nothing but cloud.

"they are. clouds watch at the beginning. the land mass is moving in the same direction and speed..i can't believe they would not mention that elephant in the room sad," one user commented.

"Wow clouds i see them everyday good find lol," another said.

Even Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs, has ruled out the possibility that the mysterious objects are alien portals.

"The objects don't seem structured and they don't seem to be under intelligent control. Frankly, this looks like some sort of weather phenomenon to me - possibly nothing more exciting than large cloud formations," Pope told Mail Online.

"I think people who look at this and see portals or UFOs are demonstrating the classic I want to believe mentality popularised in The X-Files. It's also an example of where people read artificiality into a situation simply because objects are in a straight line. More generally, it's notoriously difficult for non-experts to make a meaningful analysis of ISS footage, or indeed any photos and videos taken in space."

Watch the video below.