Conspiracy theorists all across the world strongly believe that aliens are already here on earth, and they claim that UFO sightings that happen in various parts of the globe are hinting at the existence of extraterrestrials on the blue planet. These conspiracy theorists also claim that governments and space agencies are also aware of alien existence on earth. Adding up the heat to these seemingly unbelievable theories, Scott C Waring, a popular conspiracy has released a mysterious video that shows an unknown flying object screeching through the skies. 

UFO in UK live TV

Interestingly, the UFO was captured from the background of a live TV telecast. As the host reads the news, a bright flying object can be seen moving across the skies behind the glass window. The flying object also had illuminating lights in its body. 

Alleged UFO spotted in the United KingdomUFO Sightings Daily

After analyzing the video, Scott C Waring claimed that this video is authentic proof of alien presence in the United Kingdom. 

"The video is slowed down and shows close-ups to help us better see the object. What looks like one UFO is actually two! The UFOs are flying side by side. This is similar to USAF military jet formation where a US fighter jet always takes off with a wingman. A wingman is a second fighter jet that follows alongside you to watch out for you. 100% proof of UFOs Over London!" wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily

Even though followers of Waring are convinced regarding the existence of aliens on earth, skeptics have dismissed these claims, and they made it clear that the UFO spotted in the skies could be most probably a drone or a bird. 

Another UFO sighting that baffled experts

This is not the first time that UFO events are being captured during news shows. A few days back, a similar event happened in an RT news segment when the French anchor interviewed Russian correspondent Vera Gaufman in Moscow. During the news show, a mysterious UFO was spotted briefly behind her, and it was traveling across the skies at a skyrocketing speed. Waring who analyzed this video claimed that aliens are trying to disclose themselves before the general public by appearing in news shows.