A 35-year-old Uber driver in Hyderabad was stabbed by his passengers and left to fend for himself in his car on Saturday evening. The reason behind stabbing has not yet been ascertained.

The passenger had booked a cab ride on the Uber app under the name 'Raju' from Koti to the Sanghi temple in Hayathnagar, Hyderabad at 8 PM on Saturday night. The cab driver, Balaraju, was booked for the journey, reports The News Minute. The customer had opted to pay for the ride by cash.

Two young men in their early 20s got into the cab and they drove till Hayathnagar, which is situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad. When they reached the Sanghi temple, the two boys said that they could not contact the person they were supposed to meet at the temple and requested Balaraju to take them back to Koti. Balaraju agreed and one of the passengers changed the location on the Uber app.

Balaraju was bringing the duo towards Koti via Outer Ring Road at 9:30 PM when they began stabbing him with a knife.

"The victim was stabbed on the neck, shoulders and head. He immediately stopped the car and both the passengers fled the scene. We were alerted by the passers-by who saw Balaraju lying wounded inside the car. From Balaraju's statements, there is no particular intention behind the attack. He said that the attackers were not known to him before. Also, there has been no attempt of theft inside the car," the police officer was quoted as saying by TNM.

The policeman added, "We are tracking the details of the accused through the booking made on the app. If it was a pre-meditated attack, chances are there that the name could be false. The victim is currently lodged at Yashoda hospital in Malkajgiri."

A case has been registered against Raju under section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code

An Uber spokesperson commented on the incident saying, "What's been described is unacceptable. Our hearts are with the driver partner and we wish for his speedy recovery. Violence has no place on the Uber app or anywhere else and the rider's access has been removed. We are assisting law enforcement with their investigations."