Tyga reportedly had hairline transplant surgeryInstagram/kinggoldchains

American rapper Tyga is reportedly upset that former girlfriend Kylie Jenner is talking about his hairline transplant surgery. Fans of the Rack City rapper were shocked after Nicki Minaj accidentally revealed that Tyga had a hair transplant when she and former boyfriend Safaree Samuels had a heated argument on Twitter.

"I should've never paid for that gyatDamn hairline!!!!" Minaj tweeted. "It fell back out cuz God don't like ugly!!!! You used me but God had other plans!!!!!"

"Tyga shit ain't fall back out!!!! Y'all went to the same doctor!!! Yours fell out cuz GOD DONT LIKE UGLY!!!!!!" she wrote.

According to a report in Hollywood Life, Tyga is embarrassed about the whole drama. Adding on, he is more hurt that the makeup kit mogul is discussing this with her partner, Travis Scott. A source said, "Tyga hates that his hairline surgery has become something Kylie is talking about with Travis. He's super embarrassed."

"It killed Tyga that she moved on so fast with Travis; it was such a huge blow to his ego. And now, his pride is suffering because he knows they're talking about his surgery. It's just humiliating," the insider added.

"Kylie knows how hard it can be to be called out on a really personal level, with private stuff online, so she has to give Tyga props for owning it. Kylie gave Tyga props for how he didn't try to fire back but instead shut down all the haters. — He didn't try to hide," the source shared.

perfect night ??

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perfect night ??

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Tyga and Jenner had been dating since 2014 when the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was still a minor. The two made their relationship official in February 2015. Jenner and Tyga had briefly broken up in April 2016, however, they reunited, only to break-up again.

During an episode of her new E! show Life of Kylie, Jenner said, "There was absolutely nothing wrong with me and T. We'll always have a bond."

"There was no crazy fight. We decided, well, I decided, that I'm really young. I don't want to look back in five years from now and feel like he took something from me, when he's really not that type of person," she added.