The weekend episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam was unexpected, as Mohanlal entered the show in a very frustrated mood. After entering the show, Mohanlal literally lashed out at Firoz Khan, Sajna Khan, and Michelle for discussing outside events inside the house. Mohanlal directly nominated these people for next week's nomination, and he warned that they will receive more punishments if they continue violating the rule. 

Two unexpected wild card entries in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

In the meantime, Mohanlal welcomed two wild card entries to the Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 house. The first contestant to enter the Bigg Boss Malayalam house was Angel Thomas, a model, and a psychologist by profession. While talking to Mohanlal, Angel Thomas revealed that she has a crush on Manikuttan. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam
Angel Thomas (Left), Manikuttan (Right)Disney Hotstar

The second contestant to enter the house was Remya Panicker, an actress known for her role in the movie Chunks. Both the contestants assured Mohanlal that they will not discuss things that are happening outside with the contestants inside the house. 

Angel Thomas makes her stand clear

After entering the house, Mohanlal asked Angel about the real name of Manikuttan. Initially, Angel Thomas wrongly said Manikuttan's real name, and at this moment, the Chotta Mumbai actor clarified it by saying his real name. At this juncture, Angel Thomas said that she wrongly named Manikuttan to hear his original name from his mouth. 

Two evictions today in Bigg Boss Malayalam

As there are now 18 housemates in Bigg Boss Malayalam, the audience expects two evictions today. According to recent trends, Sandhya Manoj could be the most likely contestant who will get eliminated this week. Apart from Sandhya Manoj, Lekshmi Jayan and Adoni John could be the other contestants who may go out of the house this week. Dimpal Bhal and Rithu Manthra are expected to stay safe in the house, due to their charismatic personalities.