Twitter integrates Periscope features into its own app, but will you use it?
Twitter integrates Periscope features into its own app, but will you use it?Reuters

Amid speculations prevailing over the uncertain future of Twitter, many of the company's employees low on morale have stopped going to work. 

Salesforce, an American-cloud computing company is one of the leading bidders for the company may perhaps still be interested in buying the micro-blogging website. The negotiations between the two companies are still underway. Jack Dorsey, Twitter's Chief may be open to the idea of divesting 100 percent of the company after being hesitant about a possible acquisition, Business Insider reported.

"Rank-and-file staff members are frustrated about being in the dark on the company's future. A handful of employees have stopped showing up for work entirely," Mike Issac from the Times' said. In the last few weeks, some of the world's leading firms such as Google and Apple have been reported to bidding for acquiring the struggling tweet company.

However, Google backed out of negotiations last week while Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff had said he was losing interest in Twitter. In 2015, the company laid off eight percent of its employees. According to media reports, during that time, the company's employees had criticised the way in which the layoffs were handled.

Twitter will announce its next quarterly earnings on October 27. Internally the San Fransisco-based company faces concerns with regard to a looming potential threat of lawsuit filed by shareholders, diminishing share price and an ever-increasing fear amongst employees about the jobs, the New York Times reported.