Twitter has been fighting several battles on various fronts, such as fake news, spam accounts and bots on its platform. In an effort to curb spam, Twitter has a new measure in place that could serve a big blow to spammers.

Twitter announced on Monday that it has reduced the number of accounts users can follow per day from 1,000 to 400. This way, Twitter aims to prevent spammers from growing their network by following accounts in bulk and unfollowing them later. Twitter says the practice is a violation of company rules and with this new limit in place, there's only so much freedom as Twitter must keep its genuine users in mind.

Twitter's new limit on daily follows is a part of the company's continued efforts to cut down on spam and bot accounts on its platform. Earlier this year, Twitter suspended several apps that offered various kinds of automated tools to mass unfollow accounts who didn't follow back the bot and send those annoying auto-DMs.

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But to think of it, users can still follow 400 accounts in a day, which for any individual is a generous limit. Of course, bringing down the limit from 1,000 to 400 is a drastic measure, but some users pointed out that Twitter could do away with an even lower limit.

As for some users, they had no idea Twitter even had a limit until the new announcement was made.

Why 400 you ask? Here's Twitter's response.

"We looked at follow behavior at various thresholds, and selected 400 as a reasonable limit that stopped most spam while not affecting legitimate users," a company spokesperson told TechCrunch.

An illustration picture shows the Twitter logo reflected in the eye of a woman.
An illustration picture shows the Twitter logo reflected in the eye of a woman.Reuters

Twitter has also taken other measures to deal with spam accounts and bots. After preventing bulk tweeting, the platform introduced new tools where users can flag bots. Twitter also added new security measures around account verification and sign-up. By taking these measures, Twitter's monthly user growth could get impacted, but all this builds for a brighter future with a healthy platform.

What are your thoughts on Twitter's new follow limit?