Twitter announced new feature 'Lights Out' that will sure get the social media users exciting, as it will finally bring the true dark mode in the mobiles.

Twitter got Night mode for both iOS and Android phones in 2016 and in the following year, it was released to the desktop versions. But, the Night mode was not as same as other apps, as it had dark blue instead of black. Some liked the feature, while others wanted more.

Twitter brings true dark mode to social media platform for iOS devices.REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Well, the company has finally seemed to have listened to our prayer, at least for Apple iPhones and iPads. Twitter's Light Out will offer pitch dark black background like many and I wanted for long.

Also, Twitter has renamed the Night mode to dark mode, and if people still want to have the original dark blue mode, then they get it by tapping the new 'Dim' mode.

As said before, the new Lights out feature is currently being rolled out via an update to Twitter for iOS and is expected to be expanded to the Android version in the near feature.

Here's how to get started with the new Lights Out feature:

Step 1: Tap on your profile picture in the top left corner and then select 'Settings and privacy'

Step 2: Then, tap on the Display and sound >> Dark mode >> select either Dim or Lights out

Twitter, Lights Out, dark mode, Dim, Night mode
Twitter finally gets true dark mode with black background optionTwitter (screen-shot)

Recently, Twitter, earlier in the month on March 21 celebrated the 13th anniversary of its debut in the social media platform. And, several celebrities and even online companies offered good birthday wishes to Twitter, but they all were pale in comparison with Wikipedia's witty comment. Considering itself an elder, it offered to help bring the long craved 'edit' button feature to Twitter, who formally entered teenage. The latter respectively replied that how much former has concern for it.

"Thirteen years old, @Twitter! You young rebellious teen you. Do you take advice from old fogies like Wikipedia? We could teach you about the mystical "edit button"..." Wikipedia message said on Twitter. "Love that you know us so well" replied Twitter on its platform.

In a related development, Twitter-rival WhatsApp too is testing the dark mode for its messenger app. Its parent company has already made it available in the Facebook Messenger and its matter of weeks before dark mode comes to the WhatsApp.