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Courtesy: Reuters

Twitter is a fast-paced platform for sharing information, personal opinions and speaking one's mind out. But late on Wednesday, that flow appeared to be disrupted. Twitter users have noticed a delay in their tweets appearing on the timelines. While some might find this to be an inconvenience, Twitter noticed the glitch and promised to get it fixed. But there's another bigger problem affecting several accounts, which might be of greater inconvenience.

Twitter users shared screenshots of an error on their account, which says some account features have been limited. But Twitter also confirmed that some of the accounts have been locked and it's due to an error.

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"We're seeing a number of accounts that have been locked or limited by mistake and not because they Tweeted about any particular topic. We're working to undo this and get those accounts back to normal," Twitter Support said.

Since Twitter is working on a fix for this glitch, which appears to be on the social network's end, users' accounts will return to normal sooner than later.