English cricketer Danielle Wyatt had fallen prey to online trolls on Tuesday (September 12) after she posted an image of a cricket bat, which seems to have been gifted by India captain Virat Kohli.

The toe end of the bat had the name of Kohli, but it did not spell correctly. It read 'Virat Kholi' and people on Twitter taught her the exact spelling. Since then, she became a subject of some hot trolls.

Now, the Englishwoman has come out in the open and explained as to what exactly happened, but made it known that it was not her fault. Wyatt put the blame of making a silly mistake of getting Kohli's name as 'Kholi' in the bat across to the bat makers, who seems to have got the Delhi right-hander's name wrong.

This is how she got trolled

With the spelling being wrong, and Wyatt despite fully aware of it, posted the picture, and trolls was just a matter of time.

Many wanted her to correct that to the right spelling, Kohli. The Englishwoman might not have even known what does 'Kholi' mean in India, and some users made it known to her saying, it means a 'room in native language'.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli.Reuters

Such kind of 'Kholi' and Wyatt's error are not new to Indian cricket lovers especially Kohli fans. In 2014, Wyatt had written 'Kholi, marry me'

However, for this spelling error on the bat, she has clarified about whose it was, and one hopes that the trolls on Wyatt are also brought to an end.