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Indian start-ups have become a nightmare for some employers after a few staffs of a Bengaluru-based establishment abducted their boss and tortured him for not paying their salary.

A 23-year-old entrepreneur Sujay SK from Cambridge Layout in Halsuru was kidnapped twice by four of his employees, including a woman as a way to recover their due payments after the start-up initiated by Sujay failed within a month.

According to the reports, the victim had started an IT company at Kudlu, which shut down due to financial constraints. It is alleged that seven of the employees working at his firm were not paid which made them took this extreme step, which Sujay has denied.

Sujay tried to end his life by consuming 30 sleeping pills and rat poison after he was abducted by his former employees as he had lost interest in his life and was feeling very demotivated after the abduction and torture by his employees.

The Halsuru police have booked a case against the gang including Vishwa, Tanzeem, Rashmi, Likith, Rakesh, Darshan and Sanjay under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) section 351 (assault), 362 (abduction) and section 503 (criminal intimidation).

According to the police, Sujay did not file a police complaint even after the abduction and torture. The police became aware of the incident only after receiving a complaint from the hospital where he was admitted after he tried to commit suicide.

The Bossnapping

On March 21, Likith and Vijay called their former boss near his residence in Cambridge Layout in Bengaluru, when Sujay came they pushed him inside a car and took him to a house in HSR Layout and thrashed him.

He was released after two days with a warning of dire consequences if he failed to pay back their due amounts.

Again on March 25, he was abducted by the same gang when Sujay was leaving for Tamil Nadu. This time he was moved to Maddur in Mandya district, where he was tortured by the gang once again. They released him the next day near Virupakshapura in Bengaluru.

However, the police have arrested Sanjay, Likith, Darshan and their associate Niranjan over the incident and are hunting down the other accused. All the accused people are below 25 years of age.