Kat Graham
Kat GrahamReuters

When the first half of "The Vampire Diaries" season 6 ended early this month, Kat Graham's character Bonnie was still trapped in Kai's abandoned prison.

Although it remains unknown when she will rejoin her friends in the land of the living, executive producer Caroline Dries revealed during an interview with E!News that fans will see a whole new side to Bonnie.

"Bonnie was trying to see the silver lining in her situation and get out and enjoy a day where she could celebrate and reminisce and not feel sorry for herself. She tried to take the high road, and she did, but by the end of the day she realised, 'This isn't working. I'm alone here. This sucks. Screw it.' This first chapter of Bonnie being stuck in this prison world is over, and a new bad ass Bonnie is emerging," said Dries.

Will she want to rekindle her romance with best friend Elena's brother Jeremy? The entire time that Bonnie was trapped with Damon in Kai's prison, Jeremy was out hooking up with different girls, and even when Elena told him that there was a possibility of getting Bonnie back, her brother did not seem cheerful.

And now that Dries has teased that there will be a new badass side to Bonnie, it seems unlikely she'll want to reunite with someone who has moved on from her. A bolder Bonnie would be more suited for someone like Damon, and actor Ian Somerhalder previously teased that a Bonnie-Damon romance could happen.

"There's an extraordinarily thin line between love and hate," Somerhalder told TVLine. "Due to the fact that these two hated each other, and had so many connections … it only seemed appropriate that they would be given a chance, due to the dynamics of their relationship."

As for what to expect when the show returns, here is what showrunner Julie Plec tweeted:
 "There WILL be a merge: but with which witches? We will finally meet the REAL Sarah Salvatore. #TVD. Bonnie WILL return…. but when? And how will her experience have changed her? #TVD"

"We will get to meet Young Caroline and Young Stefan (in separate flashbacks, obvi). There will be kissing. A LOT of kissing. By more than one couple. There will be a hook-up, a break-up, and a make-up. Not necessarily by the same couple."

"There will be blood. #TVD (sorry, couldn't resist). More than one person will die. Elena Gilbert gets a proposition that could change her life forever. Alaric Saltzman falls in sweet sweet love."

"The Vampire Diaries" Season 6 returns to the CW on 22 January at 8 pm EST.