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Kai, the psychopath villain in "The Vampire Diaries", managed to prevent Elena from getting back with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in the midseason finale of season 6 by casting a cloak spell on her and taking her a prisoner.

And when the series returns after its winter break in January, Kai (Chris Wood) will finally reveal what plans he has in store for Nina Dobrev's Elena.

The midseason premiere episode is titled "Woke Up With a Monster" and according to "The Vampire Diaries" executive producer Caroline Dries it directly relates to the Kai-Elena situation. TVLine reported that Kai is not going to lift the cloaking spell till he merges with Jo and becomes the head of the Gemini coven. And capturing Elena might help him to achieve this, in addition to serving his purpose of seeking revenge from Damon.

"He has a chip on his shoulder for Elena and Damon, but especially Damon having been stranded by him in the prison world," Dries told E!Online." So he feels like getting at Damon via Elena is the perfect revenge. Having sucked up all that magic from Mystic Falls has repercussions even for him. He needs Elena's help with that."

One problem Kai is going to face is that his source of magic has a timer.

"He charges up like a battery, and then it runs out like a really cheap, junky battery. It's not a permanent solution for him but the consequences of that will certainly be in effect in Episode 11 when we come back from our break," Dries teased.

As for Delena, Dries noted that the two will come face-to-face together. But speculations are rife that it might not be a romantic reunion. According to Bustle, the one way Kai will use Elena to punish Damon will be by taking away the one thing that has kept Elena from truly hating Damon.

The media outlet speculates that a power witch like Kai will be able to have the Elena-Damon relationship destroyed forever by removing any good feeling that Elena has towards the eldest Salvatore brother.

"Removing any good will Elena has towards Damon would crush him, and quite possibly make him lash out on the people who do care about him. Damon without Elena is a force of destruction — and that might be exactly what Kai wants the Salvatore brother to be," noted Bustle.