The tensions across the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh took a violent turn on Monday as Indian and Chinese troops engaged in a clash. The decades-old dispute over the precise location of the Himalayan border between the two nuclear powers turned into a massive face-off in May. But the violent clash between the forces of both countries, reportedly causing casualties on both sides of the disputed border, has sent waves of tensions across the country.

The entire nation and the world are closely watching the rising tensions between India and China. While the Indian Army is holding the fort down at the border and even trying to deescalate the bilateral issues through dialogue and restore peace in the border area, a shocking news clip has gone viral for blaming the Indian army for the China aggression. A local news TV channel's anchor is heard saying it is not the government's fault that the Chinese army has breached the borders and entered into Indian territories in a mocking tone.

India China border
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"The Chinese troops entered the Indian territories while the army was asleep. This is not the government's fault as patrolling duty is army's responsibility," the anchor is heard saying in the video clip.

TV anchor faces backlash

Naturally, the TV anchor's statements sparked severe backlash and many have demanded an apology.