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Name of actress Mahika Sharma, former Miss Teen North East, has not been included in the recently released NRC draft. However, Mahika stressed that she is very much a citizen of Assam.

Adding that she failed to file required documents for the NRC verification, Mahika said that no piece of paper can detach her from her homeland.

"NRC has got its own significance. I don't want to comment if it is a political propaganda or something else. I see it as a step taken taken by the government for a developed Assam. And I am happy about it. I don't want to panic for a silly reason that my name isn't registered in NRC. My forefathers are from the state of Haryana, but I was born and brought up in Assam. Hence, I am the daughter of Assam. However, my lawyers are checking and trying to place things, so that I can keep enjoying my citizenship rights," Mahika Sharma said in her statement.

"I didn't file the NRC documents as I couldn't find the legacy data of my grandfather," she added.

She made an Instagram post as well on the same subject.

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Mahika has come up as the new child of controversy as she has been making very scandalous statements of late. She is set to make her Bollywood debut with the film 'The Modern Culture' that also features British adult film star Danny D.