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TV actress Mahika Sharma shared a screenshot of an extremely vulgar message that she received from a random user on Instagram. She not only revealed the pervert but also publically shamed him for the message.

Actresses are often subjected to obscene messages and comments on social media. Mahika faced something similar recently, but she gave the person the perfect response.

She shared a screenshot of the message that she received on Instagram. The message includes some very derogatory words, asking her to have sex with him. Mahika not only shamed the person for the harassment but also trolled him for the spelling errors in the message.

"Hey @imgauravsofficial13 Kindly first learn the spell... Its 'PENIS' and seriously I have better options.. Also if possible ignore offering such stupid proposal. Thank you [sic]," she captioned the post.

Online sexual harassment has become quite common these days, but actresses are now less tolerant to abusive behaviour on social media. They now call out such behaviour publicly and even shame the commentators.

Mahika has started facing such online harassment ever since she began making some bold statements. She has been talking about sexual fantasies, and her fondness for British porn star Danny D and Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi.

Check the offensive message she received:

Mahika Sharma is set to make her Bollywood debut with a film titled The Modern Culture, which features Danny as well. She had earlier said that she has been receiving vulgar messages and pictures on social media. She had also said that some trolls had started asking her "rate" for a night.

The actress recently also alleged that some men touched her inappropriately during the recently held Rath Yatra.