Nani's new movie Tuck Jagadish has been released on Amazon Prime Video on September 10. The film has succeeded in creating a huge pre-release hype, and the primary factor behind it was the presence of natural star Nani in the cast. Even though billed as a festive entertainer, this Nani film has literally failed to impress the audiences, and it is nothing but a cliched village drama Telugu audiences have seen several times in the past. 

Shiva Nirvana disappoints

Shiva Nirvana who directed Tuck Jagadish has made breezy entertainers in the past that includes Ninnu Kori and Majili. However, Tuck Jagadish simply lacked the signature of the director and emerged as a cliched but engaging outing for the viewers. With a lot of focus on blood bonds, the filmmaker tried to make a movie with those old commercial elements. 

Nani from Tuck Jagadish teaser

The story of Tuck Jagadish is set in a fictional village, and here, we have Nassar, the village head who wishes to ensure peace. Nassar has two sons played by Jagapathi Babu and Nani. However, Nassar has another wife and children, whom he considers very important in his life. And there is a rival gang headed by Daniel Balaji who creates violence in the village. 

Even though Nassar has a huge aspiration towards Jagapathi Babu, it is the younger son Jagadish (Nani) who tries to assure peace in the village. 

Lots of bloodshedding scenes, but watchable for Nani

The film is loaded with a lot of bloodshedding sequences, and at some point in time, it becomes unbearable. However, the action scenes seem well choreographed. Considering the film as a whole, Nani has done a spectacular job, and his performance can be considered as the only saving grace of Tuck Jagadish. 

Final Verdict

Tuck Jagadish is cliched but engaging. If you are the one who loves to see that age-old village drama again, watch it. The makers have done a brilliant move by not releasing the film in theaters, as a release on the big screen at this point in time would have made Tuck Jagadish a box-office disaster.